Checking Power Camps

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For players wanting to improve their ability to body check, take a check properly and safely while building their overall strength, balance and agility.


They will learn proper body position, develop awareness and the ability to separate their opponent from the puck (or keep the puck!).


The camp will also focus on corner and small zone play (where much of the game is played)...being able to battle in small spaces while developing power, speed and balance.


Camp Focus:


  • Power Skating
  • Body Checking
  • Angles and Body Positioning
  • 1 on 1 Play (this includes Attacking / Defending skills)




The Bantam Checking Camps include either 1.5 or 1.75 hours of ice time per day and 1 hour of off-ice training.


Off-Ice Program


The off-ice program will focus on core strength, agility, balance and speed.


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Power Skating

Summer 2016
Checking Power Camp Dates

August 15 - 19, 2016
Springbank Arena

Checking Power Peewee/Bantam



August 29 - Sept 01, 2016
Okotoks Rec Centre: Piper Arena

Checking Power Peewee/Bantam



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